As the Internet of Things increasingly becomes a reality, there arise problems related to security and device vulnerability. With devices becoming more and more powerful, the consequence of losing them grows as well. Imagine criminals having access to your medical details through your smart running band, just because you let down your guard and let your bag be stolen!

Although one solution to this is to improve authentication and device security, the recent appearance of the Heartbleed bug has thrown up serious challenges. For end users, it is definitely better to prevent the loss of devices in the first place rather than wait for hardware and software security to catch up.

Innova Technology, a Singapore-based company, is doing just that. After coming up with the mobile security device Protag Elite last year, the company has come up with its new Duet device, which is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

Coming in a range of pastel colours from lime green to baby blue, the Duet is a small plastic lozenge that contains a low-energy Bluetooth chip, a buzzer, and a removable battery. Duet’s main function is an alerting system, where its buzzer sounds whenever it or the phone it is tagged to go out of range of each other, enabling easy tracking of both the device and the phone.

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This alert works both ways, and the phone can be made to ring by pressing a button on the Duet device. This makes Duet the perfect companion to absent-minded people, who no longer need to worry about losing their phone or tagged belongings. A Wi-Fi safe zone feature prevents the Duet from buzzing in an area designated by Wi-Fi coverage, useful for places where noise is frowned upon.

Duet map view in Protag

The Protag app tracks where a user’s Duet devices are

Duet’s main functions are controlled by an app, Protag. With Protag, users can, in addition to the features stated above, control up to ten Duet devices and view their locations on a map. This makes Duet a useful tool for parents, who may like to find out where their children and their belongings are.

Innova Technology’s crowdfunding campaign for Duet has raised almost US$54,000, far exceeding its original target of US$5,000. With less than 17 days to go before the campaign ends, why not take a look at the Indiegogo page and grab a Duet before it is sold out?