e27- Part of the FashionSpace team

Some of the FashionSpace team members

From exhibting at Echelon 2011, to securing seed funding from Crystal Horse Investments, e27 charts the latest progress of online fashion publishing platform, FashionSpace.

A place where users can discover and curate the latest trends, products and brands from the best retailers and indie designers around the world, FashionSpace is a space where fashion brands and fashionistas create their own social fashion magazine. It is also a performance based advertising system that also matchmakes fashion e-tailers with publishers and shoppers.

To date, more than 200K products, ranging from clothes, shoes, bags to accessories are being featured and uploaded onto the site.

Ever since Echelon 2011, FashionSpace has been investing a lot of time into researching on how their site interfaced can be improved. Based on the feedback that the site was not user-friendly with poor graphic interface, the newly launched website now boasts of a new outlook that allow users greater ease in creating looks and magazines. There is also a vastly improved product search engine where e-tailers can buy visibility, together with an improved affiliate programme where all publishers, like bloggers, can monetise their blogs or websites by creating and sharing products, looks and magazines on their blogs, social media or website.

FashionSpace is also expecting to launch their tablet and mobile version by early 3rd quarter of this year. However, their most immediate plan is to exponentially build traction in all the English-speaking markets since their largest traffic currently comes from US, UK and of course SG. FashionSpace would also like to work more closely with local and regional fashion designers, and retailers to help push them to the international markets.

Nonetheless, these mini milestones are not without challenges. “Finding good developers to support both the technology behind the platform and the team have been one of the greater challenges faced,” recalls Danielle Siauw, co-founder of FashionSpace. Inexperienced developers have resulted in Fashionspace suffering from problems such as inefficient resources allocation and time management.

e27- 20bytwo - fashion beyond borders

20 By Two - Fashion Beyond Borders

Fortunately, with supportive merchants, investors and users, FashionSpace quickly rebounded back on track. This year, FashionSpace will hold their first ever event in September, called 20 by Two – Fashion Beyond Borders.

The cross cultural fashion event is a collaboration with fashion portal, Tongue-in-chic and will be held across 2 cities in Singapore and Malaysia, featuring 20 participating fashion brands, 10 from each country.

This fashion shopping event, and probably a first of its kind, will also feature the latest retail technology like POS system from StoreViva, Payment gateways from Smoov, QR technology from Smoov and of course FashionSpace. Part of proceeds from the event will also be donated to SPCA.

Designers that are showcasing at the event include Al & Alicia, WanderWonder, By Invite Only and 17 more.

For more information about the event, head on to https://www.facebook.com/events/279468478804953/