Taiwan is the country of Acer, Foxconn and HTC. It has a long, proud, history in the manufacturing industry and has been a regional leader in technology for decades.

As the burgeoning startup scene continues to chug along, e27 landed in Taipei to find the best young companies the country has to offer. Six companies qualified to participate in the final TOP100 competition at Echelon Asia Summit from May 23-24 in Singapore.

This year, the winner is Blyng, a chatbot for the real estate industry. It wants to help customers get quick, and convenient, information about property regardless of time of day. From an agents perspective, it’s an opportunity to upscale the business by providing great customer service during off hours.

Blyng integrates its chatbot into the website of real estate companies and provides immediate response time along with 24/7 availability.

As the company continues to grow, it will not only expand internationally, but also plans to add more channels — like WhatsApp and LINE.

As a reward for winning, Blyng has won the following prize:

  • A free exhibition booth space in the TOP100 Zone at Echelon.
  • A pitching slot on the TOP100 stage on day one of Echelon.
  • Intimate investor meetings and inclusion to Corporate business matching.
  • Five starter tickets to Echelon Asia Summit.
  • Access to the TOP100 Tour in Singapore.

The qualifiers

The five additional qualifiers will have a chance to enjoy the above rewards should they take up a discounted offer for booth space at Echelon. There, they will also have a shot at competing with other qualifiers for the S$50,000 Startup SG grant prize.

The companies that qualified are as follows:

M1 Marketing

Photo by Pen Tsai on Unsplash