Today's top tech news, February 15: Kakao Games lands US$130M

Plus Coincheck lawsuit, LendMN IPO, and HackerRank Series C 

Renting, buying and selling property in Singapore may soon be as easy as making a booking on Agoda

Exciting times ahead for real estate in Singapore as the authorities take bold steps to digitalise real estate transactions process 

Tricella’s smart pillbox sends you notifications if your loved ones forget to take pills

The pill drawers in Tricella are held in place by magnets which make them easy to slide open for people who have arthritis, but when closed, are secure enough to help prevent accidental openings 

5 things I wish someone told me before I joined a startup

I didn’t choose the startup life, the startup life chose me 

4 trends shaping the travel startup ecosystem

Be innovative, use the latest tech, and offer customers an amazing experience 

EV Hive has a new coworking space -- and it is located inside a post office

The coworking space is the result of a partnership between EV Hive and national postal service Pos Indonesia 

Venture Builders are a criminally underrated contributor to the startup economy

Some of Southeast Asia's most famous startups, including Go-Jek, have Venture Builders in their blood 

3 ways to accurately measure digital marketing ROI

For a company to accurately measure its ROI, it must consider all expenses used to produce a successful marketing campaign. In doing so, a company can see where it started, more accurately understand what it has achieved, and ultimately develop greater clarity surrounding its ROI 

3 digital marketing trends for 2018 (and how to take advantage of them)

Don't use SEO to drive traffic, use it to find those customers that champion the product 

Can Bike Sharing Services in Singapore Really Help You Save Money?

Outside of the central district, some routes are significantly cheaper and take less time than the MRT