Lemonilo wants to promote healthy lifestyle in Indonesia --by selling instant noodles

Formerly known as Konsula, Lemonilo offers a curated marketplace for SMEs to sell their healthy products in. It also produces its own line of healthy food products 

3 of the most common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make

If you obsess over the details, you’ll never get the results you’re looking for 

Strapped for resources? Here's how marketing automaton can save you time and money

The friction startups encounter rarely has anything to do with ideation, but issues are instead generally rooted in strategy, planning, visibility, resources, or execution 

Today's top tech news, March 20: Burger King Indonesia's website infected with crypto-mining malware

Also, Malaysia's DahMakan enters Thailand, Singapore's DocDoc raises US$5.45 million 

4 ways to protect your business from cybersecurity threats

The key to protecting your business from such threats is to be one step ahead of hackers 

The 3 vital Ps of starting a business

Before you start a business, ask yourself if you have these things 

Agtech startup Impact Terra raises US$3M to provide real-time info, advice to farmers in Myanmar

The social startup provides personalised advice and services to farmers, such as early identification of pest and diseases and flood and drought warnings 

[Podcast] Asia VC Cast with Foxconn M&A Advisor Mark Mi

Foxconn is one of the most important companies in Asia, so how does it go about its M&A strategy? 

Taiwan legislator who Co-founded a startup now champions laws to help other young companies

The legislator, Karen Yu, is using examples like an AI company called Sinitic to explain why the startup economy is important for Taiwan 

TOP100 Academy with Charmain Tan: Inbound and Outbound Prospecting

Learn how to get the leads you’ve been wanting for forever