gai gai

Singapore-based dating app Paktor has just announced the launch of GaiGai (which means ‘going out’ in Cantonese), a service that aims to make you a more appealing date prospect.

According to Charlene Koh, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Paktor, “The idea behind GaiGai is to create a vibrant environment where we provide our members with the opportunity to interact with other members beyond their circle of friends and empower them with relevant social skills to be more approachable when meeting new people. In the long run, we hope to contribute to the local dating scene and foster opportunities for singles to interact in exciting and fun social settings around Singapore.”

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Basically, what GaiGai will do is teach you how to behave during a date, what to wear, how to style yourself and the image you should portray. In this endeavour, Paktor has employed the services of  its “master stylist”, Miss Singapore Universe 2010 winner, Kyla Tan. According to the company, Tan, who is the CEO of ChrisKyla, a Singapore-based style and image consultancy firm, will “offer image and personality consulting workshops to demonstrate how she helps members bring out their best for dates”.

Paktor has revealed that the GaiGai service will be available for S$100. It has also announced a Paktor desktop app, and has plans to carry out at least two social dating events each month set on different themes and concept ideas.

This latest move from Paktor comes on the back of the funding received in November from Temasek Holding’s Vertex Venture holdings.

The company will also be updating the system with a better match finder algorithm, which will allow users of the site to choose filters such as education, height etc and a small group chat feature based on the common interests expressed by swiping positively on the in-app interest card.