Some of the big names include Japanese discount chain store, Don Quijote and departmental store, Daimaru Kobe.

After 2 years of aggressive marketing and presentations at international events such as Startup Asia 2012 & Echelon 2012 in Singapore, Open Web Asia 2012 in China, and ICT Spring 2012 in Luxembourg, Panoplaza has finally announced its success in going global.

Today, Panoplaza announced their partnership with BrowseWell LLC which is based in Dallas, Texas, USA. Browsewell is a company that focuses on providing innovative enhancements to the status quo of web browsing and has now leveraged on Panoplaza’s virtual panoramic view technology to create a visually stunning and fully interactive experience for their American clients.

BrowseWell helps business owners to stand out from the crowd of flat, boring websites and gives online consumers the ability to enter their favorite stores anytime, anyplace, with any internet-ready device in order to shop, tag, and discover items in an intuitive way that mimics a real-life shopping experience. Consumers are no longer required to use their imagination to see a product in a real, navigable space.

To see how the Panoplaza technology has been manifested in the BrowseWell business model. View the video below.