The Primo team pitching

New VC firm, Original Pitch VC, has recently been launched in the Philippines. The firm invests in growth stage startups and is looking to invest US$1.2 million into companies this year. The VC says it plans to invest more in the coming years.

The firm showcases Philippines-based startups during its launch, with 18 shortlisted startups participating in Original Pitch’s launch and first pitching event at WeCube Inc., a collaborative ecosystem located in Makati City.

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The entrepreneurs, selected from a list of 50 original candidates from a range of sectors including tech, real estate, healthcare, transportation, and education, had a chance to present their ideas and funding requirements in front of a panel of experienced businessmen.

Here’s a list of the top startups that pitched during the event competing in two major divisions:

Startup Division:

1st Place: JourneyTech – JourneyTech aims to automate the ticketing requirements of major bus companies and acquire other merchants using their cash card technology.

2nd Place: ServeHappy – ServeHappy is a new generation job board platform solely catering to the growing manpower demands of the Hospitality and Travel Industry in the region.

3rd Place: Wishy – Wishy aims to make it simple for couples to receive gifts for their wedding. They solve the problem of a lot of couples who tend to migrate overseas after their wedding.

4th Place: Incubix – Incubix aims to make the Philippines a hub for world class web, mobile, and gaming application development.

5th Place: Dibz – Dibz is a mobile platform that allows Manila drivers to book a parking spot even before they get to their destination.

College Division:

1st Place: Chromewell (StillFresh) – Chromewell provides businesses and consumers with the only spoilage-indicating strip that helps businesses and consumers avoid food spoilage.

2nd Place: Primo – Primo aims to fix the existing, yet disorganised and scattered, premium trading which can be found all over the web particularly in Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Participants were judged by Original Pitch partners, JJ Atencio, President of the 8990 Housing Development Corporation; Kevin Khoe, Chief Investment Officer of Big Big Holdings; Magellan Fetalino, founder and CEO of Acudeen Technologies, Inc.; Francis Simisim, founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Blogapalooza and CEO of Social Light Inc.; and Atty. Ian Dato, general counsel and corporate secretary to a number of companies in various industries.

As an investor, Original Pitch aims to support high-potential companies to create sustainable competitive advantages and offer original, real world original solutions to emerging markets in Asia.