The popular free game released two years ago who is the main driver of CyberAgent America will now move their development team to Jakarta starting August 7.

A virtual world where we can (re)create ourselves, interact with users worldwide might be something that most of on-line game junkies want to play with. Decorating our room, finding and visiting favorite places, inviting friends and chat with them, meeting old and making new friends, taking others best pictures and sharing it on Facebook are few things that we can do in Pico World.

One of Pico World Screenshots (Credit: CyberAgent America)

Receiving the tip from CyberAgent America, Inc President and CEO as well as Director of Business Strategy Group at CyberAgent, Inc, Toshimichi Namba, e27 was able to have him comment on this move.

“There are several reasons for this. First, Indonesian users in Pico World have been growing dramatically. By now we have five million registered users and 30 percent comes from Indonesia.  So we feel that we can attract more users by understanding the local market and needs of the users.”

Second reason is that the Indonesian market is growing really fast and it’s a good timing for us to enter the market with our existing product, Pico World and also start seeking for other opportunities besides smartphone games and media which are our main portfolio.  In Japan, we lead the market in various internet business domains, digital advertising, gaming, social media and venture capital investment.

“Our core competency is we have high motivated talented members with culture and system to back up those employees. I feel we can do same in this country and make the environment where people can feel good challenge and grow with their team, company and country.”

Instead of relocating the incumbent development team, Japan’s development company focusing on social games, casual games, and online entertainment communities discloses their plan to recruit top local talents to join in. The team is looking for 20-25 local resources by the end of this year including product manager, planner, Java developers and Flash engineers. They will be employed for PicoWorld development and to prepare for new game/media development. Interested parties can contact

Two major reasons of the CyberAgent presence in the States are to alleviate the strategic alliances processes within US-based companies and glue to US startups, especially those that are located in the respective area to advance and tap into the Japan’s market.

Talking about what they are going to do with the alleviation and advising activities in San Francisco Bay Area, Toshi answers:

“Yes, CyberAgent America will still be there. We have been working as a hub between our Japan head quarter, group companies and US market. We have another service run by the U.S. members. I will keep working as a board of US entity as well, so that we can leverage the service itself and new team’s development capability to the States and South East Asia market.”