Inside seven floors at 138 Cecil Street, Cecil Court (which is right smack in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District), the brilliant minds of programmers, software engineers and product developers meld together to craft and finetune Grab’s unique ride-sharing experience.

But for creative collaborations to foster, the environment has to be conducive. Here’s a look at how Grab creates the right environment to bring out the best from its industrious employees.

Like many tech companies, Grab leverages an open office concept to facilitate collaboration and communication within its teams.

On the far left of the photo there are two vertical monitors placed side by side — a clear sign of a software engineering office

Grab’s meeting rooms are named after mainstream Marvel superheroes, to give them more ‘personality’.

For a company to be successful, every branch has to be united towards a common goal.

The walls of its offices are adorned with posters bearing Grab’s core philosophies, so employees are reminded of what they are working towards to.

Working at a desk after a few hours can take a toll on the body and the brain.

Weary employees can choose to take a break on Grab’s sizeable collection on large bean bags. Sometimes, in that state of relaxation, more creative ideas can flow.

The lounge area, which occupies an entire floor, is where it gets more interesting. It is a great place to chill, hold events/parties, and just take a breather.

Grab has a jamming area for its musically-inclined employees.

Playing music not only helps with winding down, but it might also help to stir up greater ideas.

A little wine and song do wonders for team bonding, too.

For private Skype conversations or quiet time Grab has installed private compartments built in the style of classic red phone booths.

Finally, this is where employees can drink, eat and commune with each other in an informal setting.

It features long bar tables and high stools


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