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Vietnam will see more than 17 million smartphone shipments in 2014. The market will keep growing and attract more attention from investors in Asia. Here are a few trends this year to keep in mind when entering this market.

Cross-platform and freemium
There are more and more Vietnamese users who own more than one device and use second-screens daily. Make your app accessible on multiple platforms. This would increase its reach and also increase chances of monetisation. Another on-going trend of 2014 is the freemium app model, which also proved to be the most successful monetisation model in 2013.

In-app advertising
As a result of cross-platform apps, the coverage of mobile apps over the country keeps increasing. This will open more opportunities for mobile ads and in-app marketing.

Mobile-focused social messaging apps such as Zalo, Viber, LINE, WhatsApp are growing their monthly active users at tremendous rates, meaning consumer interest in communicating on these platforms and mobile devices in general is high. Mobile ads on these platforms can span over devices and across operating systems, increasing reach and frequency through a device that rarely leaves consumers’ side.

Although it is not a new trend, it still presents a massive opportunity for businesses to get in front of their customers.

Niche mobile social network
As Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other giant OTTs in Vietnam make it harder to get found organically, niche market are going to be more valuable than ever to get in front of customers. Not only are niche social network highly targeted, they can also provide a much more affordable solution for advertising.

These niche markets will be hotter and hotter this year. At the moment, there are some social networking services that have already hit the market, such as onClan – social network for mobile gamers, Ubox – social network to connect people with the same interests, Bubbly – social network and messaging to share voice.

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Mobile games
Games continue to be the most downloaded and most revenue-generated content on mobile. The numbers of paid users in mobile games online is nearly equal to PC games online. That means Vietnam will continue to be a promising land for game developers and publishers in 2014 . Also, there will be more games in the categories of 3D, MOBA, MMORPG, card game, tower defense online and casual games.

View the slides below to get a better overview of Vietnam’s mobile market:

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