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Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • Newley Purnell, Journalist at Wall Street Journal (@newley, LinkedIn, personal website)
    • How did you get started in journalism and eventually focus on technology reporting? [0:58]
    • As you have covered Southeast Asia for Bloomberg, ABC and now the Wall Street Journal, what are the interesting lessons you have learned in your career? [2:52]
    • What are your current areas of coverage for Wall Street Journal in Asia?  [4:11]
  • Facebook’s Initiative in Asia [5:31]
    • Quick introduction to Facebook and its footprint in Asia. [5:41]
    • What is the purpose of for Facebook? How does the initiative work? [6:08]
    • Why is there a backlash on in India and Indonesia, which are Facebook’s fastest growing markets? [8:24]
    • How does conflict with net neutrality? Does it create a walled garden such that only services sanctioned by Facebook can work and depletes users of choice? (Reference: Net Neutrality: the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites) [10:26]
    • Does conflict with the privacy and security of the users based on differing perspectives [12:15]
      • Facebook
      • Government regulatory bodies such as Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
      • Consumers in emerging markets
      • Private sector such as telcos and other websites users
    • Is a non-profit organisation or within the corporation as part of the international growth team? (Ref: Mahesh Murthy) [16:20]
    • How is’s influence in other markets such as Africa and Middle East? [17:32]
  • Rebooting Android One for Alphabet [19:20]
    • A brief discussion on Android One and how it failed the first time when it launched two years ago. [19:42]
    • Why is it not taking off in India? Whose fault is it: Google’s or the OEM makers’ in India — for example, Lava, Micromax? [24:20]
    • How is Apple influencing this equation as it is growing in India at the same time? [25:50]
  • Startup Ecosystem in India and talent shortage [28:50]
    • With the recent emergence of unicorn Indian startups like Flipkart and Snapdeal, what are the challenges they face in recruiting talent? [28:54]
    • Does the competition of technology talent create problems for outsourcing companies such as Wipro or Infosys? Are the US companies going to move their outsourcing elsewhere? [31:09]
    • Oftentimes, China is credited with having a vibrant startup ecosystem that rivals Silicon Valley with Zhongguancun and Shenzhen, but this is only a recent phenomenon in India, can India maintain the pace in creating the startup ecosystem given open competition from US and Chinese companies (Amazon, Xiaomi, Google and Facebook) and an open and less protected economy? [36:31]

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