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Could arbitration costs drop to US$20…or even lower? Federico believes that, for many cases, they can. By marrying ancient Athenian jury selection practices with blockchain, Kleros aims to revolutionize and economize dispute resolution for the decentralized age. Today’s episode brings you ancient Greek culture, modern technologies, and hope for a more just future.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Federico’s path that led him to where he is today, including his stint at Singularity University
  • How Klero’s dispute resolution process works
  • How Kleros jurors are selected and compensated
  • Why Kleros jurors are anonymous
  • About Kleros’ upcoming token sale

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Detailed show notes

  • (1:55) Federico’s self-introduction
  • (4:34) How and why Federico was encouraged to apply to Singularity University
  • (7:29) Why Federico got into the blockchain space
  • (11:32) Federico gives an overview of Kleros
  • (15:31) Federico expands on the ancient Greek influences behind Kleros
  • (17:03) Jay and Federico walk through an example dispute and how Kleros could resolve it
  • (23:01) Federico explains how Kleros jurors are selected
  • (27:25) Federico addresses the question of the optimal number of jurors
  • (29:10) How compensation for adjudicating cases will vary, depending on complexity, sector, etc.
  • (33:05) About the Kleros team
  • (37:26) Kleros’ upcoming token sale
  • (39:21) How Kleros’ Interactive Coin Offering differs from a tradition Initial Coin Offering
  • (41:36) Federico gives more details about how jurors are compensated
  • (44:03) Jay and Federico discuss the ICO bandwagon and compare it to the tech boom of the ‘90s
  • (49:26) Federico’s Asian roadshow

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