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Chris Snook is a battle-hardened entrepreneur with a big picture view of how technologies emerge and advance. He also understands the powerful role investors play in shaping the focus of talent. Where is much of the talent today? The blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Through the World Tokenomic Forum, Chris has a vision for bringing together the brightest minds and the movers and shakers of the world to harness the power of blockchain for the betterment of humanity.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

    • About Chris’ many business ventures — both the successes and failures
    • About crypto terminology
    • Where Chris believes “crypto 2.0” heading
    • Chris’ litmus test for when to invest in a new venture

Links from today’s episode

Detailed show notes

    • (1:29) – Chris’ self-introduction
    • (4:07) – Jay and Chris discuss the price of entrepreneurship today versus 20 year ago and the pros and cons of experience versus youthful exuberance
    • (8:37) – Chris gives an overview of some of his past ventures
    • (13:54) –Chris’ books and why he wrote them
    • (16:24) – Chris gives a big picture view of the crypto  space and clears up some terminology that is often misused
    • (27:03) –  Where Chris sees the crypto space heading – the token economy
    • (36:16) – Chris explains what is the World Tokenomic Forum and who are its target members
    • (42:09) – Chris describes the Sandcastle Startup Challenge and his vision of social enterp
    • (43:52) – Chris describes the Sandcastle Social Enterprise Fund and how it works
    • (46:08) – Chris’ advice for young entrepreneurs, startup founders, and investors, and the question he asks before deciding to invest in a particular venture.
    • (49:11) – Chris’ words of inspiration to seek and work for something greater than just money