Pollenizer, an Australian-based accelerator, is making its first Southeast Asia debut and setting up at Singapore. This coming July, the accelerator will be looking for companies to invest in.

Unlike other NRF funded incubators in Singapore, Pollenizer is taking a different approach. If you fit their investment bill, Pollenizer will not only invest in your company, they will also help build your company, buying in as an active cofounder.

How do you know you fit the bill? Pollenizer is looking for companies that address real problems in at least one Southeast Asia country. You must also be able to build and test your product with real customers in two months. While there are no preference in which industry you operate in, Pollenizer favours mobile first business models.

Other traits that the Pollenizer team is looking for includes:

  • You know what you are selling and you sell it to everyone you meet. Every day. From the very start.
  • You are gutsy enough to release the product a bit sooner than you feel comfortable to … so you can learn.
  • You will fight for what you believe is the right path, but you will let go if the data proves you wrong.
  • You are comfortable with uncertainty.
  • You have read Lean Startup 3 times.

With the promise of investment and help building the product, Pollenizer can definitely add copious amounts of value to your startups which has little experience. Some of Pollenizer’s current portfolio companies includes Dealised, which is now based in Singapore, Pygg, and Spreets.

If you are interested to apply, visit http://pollenizer.com/is-pollenizers-first-south-east-asian-business-you/