The new wearable from Pornhub, called the Wank Band, uses a kinetic charger powered by wrist motions to store electricity on an internal battery that can then be used to charge your portable electronics

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“A wearable device that lets you love the planet by loving yourself.”

This is the tagline of a new wearable announced today by a most unlikely manufacturer.

This wearable, which allows you to charge your portable devices through err…vigorous kinetic energy, is not made by the Sony’s or Samsung’s of the world. Instead the makers of this new wearable, whose promotional video has seen upwards of a 100,000 views on YouTube in about a day, are none other than that famous purveyor of high class adult entertainment for the discerning gentleman and lady, Pornhub.

That’s right, Pornhub is making a wearable that should see a release in the coming months. I am going to give you a few minutes to let it sink in. Pornhub. Wearable. Vigorous kinetic energy. Wearable. Pornhub.

At this point, you might be forgiven for thinking this is all a big joke but it seems that the wearable, or Wank Band is a reality.

In its (thankfully…maybe) SFW video, Pornhub explains that the device kind of works like a small kinetic charger. Inside the hopefully waterproof and odor-proof device is a weight which moves inside an inner valve that generates electricity depending on how often the weight moves up and down during your most self-gratifying moments of the day.

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Basically, the more the weight moves, both in frequency and vigor, the more electricity you produce.

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The device channels stores “manpower” into your devices via an in-built USB port allowing you to spread the love to your precious electronic devices. However, if you are thinking of ditching your regular portable charger in favor of this more “hands-on” option, you should hold on a minute. You see, while the Wank Band can charge your devices, its internal battery is very small and is meant for more as an emergency backup than anything else.

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However I think we can all agree that that’s a defeatist mindset. All you need is enough time to pursue your goal in producing clean-well in this case its more like dirty-energy. In fact, this can be a new political movement, you are happy, the planet is happy then everyone is happy.

If you are interested in getting a Wank Band for yourself or as a gift for your single male relatives, Pornhub has made a SFW launch page where you can sign up for the beta.