PS3 title The Last of Us sells 6 million units worldwide

Debuted last year, the game has sold 6 million units. Developer Naughty Dog to talk on game-making techniques at Game Developer Conference

By Jonathan Toyad

Image credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

Image credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

Fans of the gaming media regard the PlayStation 3 action title The Last of Us as a hallmark in game design and narrative. So it’s no big surprise that the game sold 6 million units worldwide, according to a recent PlayStation blog post.

Developer Naughty Dog said that it will be conducting a series of talks at this year’s Game Developer Conference. The sessions will be about the game-developing process behind The Last of Us. These include talking about how to create the game’s human enemy artificial intelligence, the programming behind the main character Ellie, the game’s brutal combat system, the landscape and backgrounds, the cinematic lighting of its in-game cutscenes, the liquid effects and the finishing touches on the game’s levels.

Going back to what we mentioned above about the game’s pedigree, it recently won five awards in this year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards show (or BAFTA for short). There’s even a movie version of the game in the works, where Naughty Dog is working with director Sam Raimi and Ghost House Pictures on the project. Things are looking big and bright for Naughty Dog’s budding franchise.

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