Pub Mania is a free iPhone application that allows users to discover local promotions and whatever is happening in pubs in Singapore.

Whether you agree or disagree, one of the few things that bond guys together is soccer. Happening this month, Euro 2012 will definitely see a lot of soccer enthusiast gather with each other at pubs till late night. If you are excited about Euro 2012 but not sure which pub to go to, fret not, becuase Ravesquare Pte Ltd, the developer behind Buffet Mania, has unveiled a similar iPhone application for the pubs – Pub Mania.

With the Euro 2012 happening this month, Pub Mania partners strategically with local pubs to promote live screenings and run promotions to attract football fans to these pubs.  At the moment, some of the key anchor pubs are City Golf, Fullerton Prelude Bar, Sports Bar, Swissotel’s Crossroad bar, Beer Market, Fly Entertainment’s Fry Bistro Bar and HQ Karaoke Bar etc.

Chua Meng Kiat, one of the co-founders of Ravesquare, also shared with e27 on how the idea was conceived. “Pub Mania came about as an idea while drinking at a pub. During our time working on Buffet Mania, we realized that the concept can actually be applicable in many other areas. The nightlife scene in Singapore is quite dynamic with pubs offering a variety of happenings such as live music, happy hour, live events, great views etc and they are constantly rolling out promotions to attract people to drink in their pubs. However, as an end consumer, it becomes extremely difficult to keep track of all these events and promotions. Hence, the idea of Pub Mania came about to create a mobile marketing platform for the pub owners to connect with pub goers. This way, pub owners are able to market their pubs in a personal way and end consumers will be able to chill in pubs of their best likings!”

One of the key differentiating factors with Pub Mania is that its main focus is actually on the merchant. All the information are also provided by Pub Mania’s merchants, ensuring a relied and updated information on its app. The team is also working closely with certain pubs to roll out promotions that are unique for Pub Mania users. To redeem the promotions, user only need to show the mobile voucher to the staff at the pub.

In conjunction to Euro 2012 too, Pub Manic will also showcase the pubs that are showing Euro 2012 so users won’t have to keep searching for them and miss out on the big games.

So what happens after Euro 2012 which serves as a user anchor/hook? Moving forward, Pub Mania aims to the mobile guide to local happenings, local promotions and whatever is happening in Pubs in Singapore, with plans to cover greater details on the nightlife scene. The team will also be focusing on helping its partners to increase revenue.

Ravesquare is very interested to meet potential partners whom they can work with to grow its business in terms of user acquisition. The team also looking to talk to interested investors in their business. You can download the app here.