Reservation is crucial to avoid missing out on a table at our favourite restaurant especially if you’ve travelled a long way to get there. Mobile app Qraved was created to help diners place online reservations at any of the several thousand restaurants it has in its database through their mobile phones.

Qraved claims to have more than 3000 restaurants available on its database. To simplify the reservation process, the app is able to sort them by price, location, and ratings given by other Qraved users. To receive discounts and other special offers, diners are expected to register to the service through the Profile tab.

The Android version of Qraved has been available on Google Play Store since January 2014, and has received a number of enhancements since. Even though it only has had 1,000 downloads at this point (according to Google Play), it’s a pretty decent food recommendation app.

The app is really easy to use. Qraved provides a ‘Best Offers’ tab, which displays various offers of attractive menus to make it simpler to search. Furthermore, the discounts offered are ranked from the highest to the lowest.

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In addition, Qraved also provides a ‘Most Popular’ tab, which displays the most visited and best regarded restaurants. Another tab, ‘Latest Offers’, lets users receive the latest info on restaurant discounts. Search history is also provided to provide more convenience for future reference.

In case diners are interested in certain menus but have not had the chance to try, they may label the menu as ‘Crave It’. However, they need to register first to activate this feature. By registering, diners may access their preferred menus on the ‘Qraves’ menu and reserved restaurants on ‘Bookings’ menu. They may also get access to reviews of the restaurants they’ve visited.

Most of the restaurants listed on Qraved’s database have been given complete description, including their history, menus, photos, and address. Qraved also provides maps to guide users reaching those restaurants. It also allows users to read reviews about the restaurants as well. Unfortunately, only some restaurants are willing to include their price list.

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Qraved’s search engine is quite well made and detailed. Users can customize their own searching categories. For instance, they can sort the restaurants’ list based on their location, price, available payment method, facilities (like Wi-Fi, Live Music, Delivery Service, Smoking Area, Rooftop, and Valet Parking), and many others.

The app’s convenient preface, which is dominated by black and white, adds another positive points of Qraved. Nevertheless, this app ran slow when we tried it through our Android device. This should be fixed soon, along with the expansion of its coverage area, since at the moment Qraved only displays restaurants located around Jakarta.

[translation by Rifki Aria Nugraha]

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