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One of the biggest brands for gaming products is Razer. If you are an avid gamer, chances are you would have heard about the beautiful and high quality Razer products that aim to provide gamers with the best gaming experience.

Another reason why many in Singapore know about the brand is because it is cofounded by Tan Min Liang, who directs and oversees the design and development of all Razer products. Tan Min Liang was born in Singapore and resides in San Francisco. He graduated from NUS law and was a lawyer before he created Razer with Robert Krakoff.

Min Liang has a huge vision for his company and the creative talent to bring the company to where it is now. The company is said to be valued several hundred millions of dollars, according to Business Times.

Tan is reluctant to discuss numbers but given the price points and the undiminished popularity of its products, it’s safe to say that Razer is a highly profitable company with a rosy future including – industry rumour has it – a listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Valuation of the company is speculative at best but there are some big numbers being bandied about, certainly in the several hundreds of millions and possibly even higher.

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e27 managed to interview Min Liang, who started the company with a mouse as its first product back in 1998.

How did Razer go about venturing from building gaming peripherals to gaming laptops? Was it the vision of the company since the beginning or was it based on the demand and listening to the market?

We’ve always wanted to create phenomenal gaming products – not just peripherals but all products, be it user interfaces, systems and software. So it’s always been in our vision from day one. The Razer Blade is actually a project that we have been working on for about four years. We acquired companies, great talent and some of the smartest engineers in the world to build something like the Razer Blade. Instead of a generic laptop with a brand slap, we created something truly unique in this stagnant gaming laptop market.

What is Razer’s biggest challenge in the gaming space?

We are our biggest challenge. We expect nothing but the best from ourselves and we have had products that were pulled out literally 24 hours before launch because we didn’t think that they were good enough. Each new product that we release is a way of us outdoing ourselves, it is important that we bring innovation in gaming to the forefront.

How did Razer overcome that challenge? Is Razer overcoming it?

It’s a constant challenge for us and every day we look to outdo ourselves. It’s an ongoing battle.

How will the growth of mobile and tablet fit into the overall strategy of Razer?

Mobile gaming has always been in our roadmap. We announced the concept design Project Fiona in CES 2012 and that won the “Best of CES” People’s Voice Award. And just this week, we just announced that we’ll work on making the concept a reality and launch the product. I received excellent feedback from the gaming community who are excited to see this to fruition.

Where is the majority of the Razer users coming from?

Majority of the Razer users are from the US and Europe. We have some really passionate fans who would travel around the region just to attend our events. They are the ones who queue up the night before our events, pre-order our products the minute we announce them and even getting tattoos of our logo!

That much said, our slogan, “For Gamers. By Gamers” resonates with gamers from all over the world and in return, we tap into our devoted fans for feedback and suggestions on how to improve our products.

Tan Min Liang will be speaking at the Techventure event next week, a leading summit in Asia for the world’s most influential investors and iconic innovators. If you are an entrepreneur or innovator who wants to be part of this prestigious event, you can head over to the Techventure Eventclique page to grab a ticket.