While we hope you had a great 2016, it’s time to get the ball rolling in 2017. You already know about our mission to build the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Now, it’s time we announce the first three confirmed dates for Echelons happening this year.

Check out these exact dates for Echelon below:

May 15 – 16: Bangkok, Thailand

June 28 – 29: Singapore

August 23 – 24: Jakarta, Indonesia 

We’re delighted to have confirmed these dates and are working on making this year’s Echelons the best one yet. While the conferences themself seem far away, fret not. This year, Echelon starts the moment you purchase your access.

That means you get to dig deep into the premium resources, start discussions and contribute content to the Collective platform months before each respective Echelon conference. What’s more – search, message and network with fellow attendees of each Echelon to plan meet ups and foster meaningful connections, all done online.

We have grand plans in 2017 with many exciting new features rolling out very soon, and we can’t wait for you to join us. So mark your calendars, relive past Echelon moments, and get ready for your new Echelon experience, coming real soon.

If you’re itching to get started and if you haven’t already done so,  update or sign up for an e27 profile now.

You will:

  • get your very own e27 startup page (and link)
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  • it makes your life easier when you finally purchase your access to Echelon (it’s true!)