2,000 corporate innovators and business leaders across Southeast Asia are slated to convene in Bangkok, Thailand, for RISE’s inaugural Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 (CIS 2019) from 28 to 29 March this year, held at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre.

Positioned as the region’s first experiential conference, CIS 2019 aims to nurture Southeast Asia’s innovation ecosystem by encouraging businesses to learn and better understand the significance of innovation as the key driver in economic development.

According to Dr Supachai Parchariyanon, Founder and CEO of RISE, “We are really excited because the ultimate goal of the summit aligns with our mission — to drive one per cent of Southeast Asia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth through corporate innovation and to create one million jobs for the region.

Our attendees will not just be coming from Thailand but will be flying in from around the world to be part of this disruptive movement. Driving this impact at scale is our ultimate goal.“

Not just another conference

Parchariyanon recognises that Southeast Asia has an increasing number of tech conferences being hosted in the region, which sparks a good level of inspiration and ideas.

However, he feels that most conferences often focus on the speakers and brainstorming of ideas rather than the key takeaways and actionable outcomes.

This is something that RISE wants to change — for attendees to take back the framework, strategies and tools they learned from the summit to create value for their organizations.

Through the sharing and impartation of various tools and methodologies in a workshop setting, CIS 2019 wants to empower innovators to focus on actionable outcomes and organizational implementation in all facets of corporate innovation.

Workshop topics include Skillset and Mindset Transformation, Corporate Venture Capital, Corporate Entrepreneurship, M&A and Beyond, Deep Technology, Innovation and Creativity, and Corporate Accelerator.

CIS 2019 also boasts a unique roster of speakers from a diverse range of organisational background, which include the likes of Alexandar Osterwalder, Inventor of the Business Model Canvas, Dan Roam, Author of The Back Of The Napkin, and Dan Klein, Improv Master and Lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

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The stage will also be shared with key influencers of the region’s tech startup ecosystem, including Jeffrey Paine, Founding Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, Peng T. Ong, General Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures and Araya Hutasuwan, Co-founder & CFO at Snapcart.

Another highlight of CIS 2019 is the one-on-one mentoring session with experts in corporate innovation.


While big companies have an advantage in terms of manpower, capital and business expertise, Parchariyanon believes that there are two crucial ingredients missing — innovation and innovators, and the latter more so than the former.

By the end of the summit, he hopes that everyone will be corporate innovators.

According to Parchariyanon, “We don’t want our attendees to go home empty-handed. The key takeaways are transformed mindset, new skillset, and practical toolset for innovators to implement within their organizations.

We expect our corporate attendees to come to the summit with their organization’s pain point, learn from the experts, and go back to transform their organisations with more innovative strategic approaches, whether it is in the business models, operating models, design thinking, or company culture.

Organizations can’t be innovative if the leaders are not innovators themselves.”

RISE also strongly believes that Southeast Asia is the next hub for corporate innovation, and it will only get stronger.

e27 x RISE

At e27, we continue to support and participate in ecosystem building initiatives that help us stay true and relevant to our mission — to empower entrepreneurs with tools to build & grow their businesses.

“By having e27 as our partner, RISE can reach out to more community members and innovators at large. Corporate innovation is certainly an essential ingredient that RISE can add value to e27’s mission — it’s all about working together.
As technology advances, businesses and entrepreneurs have to adapt in order to survive.

Embracing innovation is about working together, finding synergies along the way and arriving at a win-win collaboration.

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An organization can’t simply stand alone anymore. The earlier companies realize this, the faster they will see the outcome of innovation and the power of working together.”

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About RISE

RISE is the regional corporate innovation accelerator in Southeast Asia.

The company engages in promoting corporate innovation environment to business organization in Thailand and Southeast Asia with an aim to establish Southeast Asia as the global hub for corporate innovation.

RISE believes that innovative and disruptive technology is the key driver that will boost the overall GDP growth of Thailand and Southeast Asia region.

Establishing innovation culture in business organizations will encourage employees to innovate with a breakthrough development and achieve sustainable economic growth.