Risto Mobile launches PicStory 4 on Blackberry and Android

By Kumes Balakrishnan

PicStory won the BlackBerry Hackathon 2011 in Jakarta and has since garnered over a million users. The popular app is now available on Android as well. The app allows the user to apply filters to photos, similar to instagram in order to enhance the story telling property of the particular picture.

Risto Mobile is also launching a photo challenge competition in Indonesia for the Ramadhan season called – Ramadhan Moments. Those who join the challenge in Indonesia and manage to collect the most votes will stand to win a BlackBerry Dakota Bold 9900.

The PicStory app can be downloaded through Google Play for the Android version or the BlackBerry App world for BlackBerry users. More information about the PicStory app can be found on Risto Mobile’s website and their Facebook page.

Featured Image Credits: Applatter

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