Roman Ziemian
CEO Futurenet


In 2012, Roman met with Stephan Morgenstern. This meeting marked the beginning of a long road. 2 years were spent on polishing and molding a vision of a social platform that was meant to fulfill grand ambitions. Thanks to Roman’s ability to manage people efficiently, FutureNet social platform was presented in 2014 and from the get-go had a clearly stated business model that aimed to connect people from different parts of the world in a single network. The head office of FutureNet is located in Poland and its representative offices are based in several countries worldwide including England, Dubai, Hong-Kong, and others. The number of registered users on the platform exceeds 3 million people from 190 countries all over the world.

Two years later, Roman and Stephan launched a new platform — FutureAdPRO, which provides earnings for those who become full participants of the online advertising market.

In January of 2017, Roman saw a huge influence that cryptocurrencies had on markets and become a part of creating a brand new e-currency connected to FutureNet (mlm). That’s how FuturoCoin was born. This coin conducts payments very quickly with the lowest possible constant transaction fees. In order to ensure the safety of coins and their owners, a new platform was created — FNWallet.that is used for storing cryptocurrencies and enables entirely secured transactions.

In 2017, Roman and Stephan literally transformed online into offline by establishing the first FutureNet Café in Kiev. The purpose of creating such a cafe is to give platform participants an opportunity to meet with business partners not virtually but in real life and have negotiations. In 2018, the FutureNet Café network appeared in Poland: the first was in Wroclaw, and then in Warsaw in September 2018.

Roman and Stephan share the opinion that social responsibility is an essential part of the modern business existence. In 2018, the businessmen launched the FutureNet Sport project aimed to support athletes a




Oct, 2017 ‑ Present

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