For internet-savvy millennials, Rotten Tomatoes is the go-to website to see movie reviews and decide if the flick is worth the fifteen bucks for a ticket.

Patrick Lee, a Co-founder and former CEO of Rotten Tomatoes, moved to China after selling his company and after a few years headed to Hong Kong.

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The podcast is full of exceptional advice for entrepreneurs, but when an old friend is Daniel Wu, that story will take the cake.

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (1:48) The many startups of Patrick Lee
  • (3:08) How Patrick was drawn into the world of entrepreneurship
  • (6:48) Why it took Patrick 10 years to finish a 4-year college degree
  • (9:16) On the value of a college education
  • (10:46) On the origins of Rotten Tomatoes
  • (15:31) The growth of Rotten Tomatoes from a small side project to a trusted industry source
  • (16:40) How Rotten Tomatoes got its name
  • (17:24) On raising capital for Rotten Tomatoes
  • (19:17) A financial crash and a terrorist attack affect the sale of Rotten Tomatoes
  • (21:52) Patrick moves to Asia and tries to bring online dating to China
  • (26:29) How Patrick got involved in a mockumentary about a fake boy band
  • (32:03) Why Patrick decided to move back to San Francisco after almost a decade in Asia
  • (36:19) On leaving a legacy and knowing when to call it quits as a serial entrepreneur
  • (38:18) Patrick’s parting advice for startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs