With the secret Apple launch event reported last week happening tomorrow, e27’s inside source reveals more about the first seven Asian countries to receive access to their very own full  iTunes Store.

The seven Asian countries to see their own full iTunes Store will be Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This move by Apple will allow users in these countries to have access to the millions of songs, movies and television shows in the iTunes Store.

Apple has been working for weeks behind the scene to plan for the launch event happening in Hong Kong tomorrow. The event will see representatives of major music labels in Asian attend to witness the rumored announcement from Apple executives. The possible launch of iTunes Store in Asia was also covered by Singapore’s local media, The Straits Times, with their writers pointing to the March update of the iTunes Parental Preferences option to include countries in Southeast Asia and the changing of the Singapore iTunes Store currency to Singapore Dollars last week as a sign that this could be a reality.