Apple executives at Music Matters, Asian label representatives flying over to Hong Kong next week for a super secret Apple “launch event”, is an Asian iTunes Store coming to the region?

Updates: More inside information from our source. Apple is looking to launch their iTunes Store in seven countries in Asia which will include Hong Kong, Taiwan and major countries in Southeast Asia. The latest updates also indicates that India may not be on the list of countries for this initial launch. For the special launch event happening tomorrow in Hong Kong, expect a performance by Jason Mraz.

Being an avid Apple fan based in Asia has its weaknesses, one of many is not being able to access the iTunes Store for music purchases. But things are looking bright for a possible iTunes Store launch in Asia.

We received a tip off from a trusted source in the industry that Apple is planning a secret launch event on 27th June in Hong Kong. The location has not been confirmed, but rumors suggested that the location of the event is close to the airport.

Based on our observations, we noticed a strong showing of Apple executives at the recent Music Matters event in Singapore. Our source has also mentioned that a good number of Asian music labels are already in talks with Apple. If that is not enough of an indication that something big is coming to Asia, the tip also indicates that representatives of these labels will be flying over to Hong Kong next week for the supposed Apple launch event. Further checks with our source showed that the main Apple label relations person for Asia is based in Hong Kong. Apparently, Apple has been planning this for weeks!

Representatives from music labels from over 13 Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Taiwan, are rumored to be flying in for the event.

The rumored price for each single to be sold on the iTunes Store in India and Indonesia is US$0.30. We do not have any details on the rest of the countries.

If this is really true, then it is going to be an exciting week next week, especially for the representatives heading over for the event.

What is your take on this super secretive launch event?