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As growing businesses strive to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-changing world, agility and innovation are necessary for long-term growth. You will need the right technology and solution to help improve sales and productivity, and to maximise returns.

The best thing to look at are your customers. Managing critical customer information can help you build better relationships. And an effective customer relationship management (CRM) tool can be a determining factor for your sustainable growth.

Your Complete CRM Handbook: The Small & Medium Business's Guide to Finding the Right CRM examines the following topics:

  • Six signs why your business needs a CRM
  • How CRM can improve your sales and productivity
  • Building your CRM strategy
  • How to maximise your ROI
  • How to take advantage of its capabilities so that it supports your business as it grows while adapting to market changes?

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About our partner:

Salesforce is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which gives all departments in a company across marketing, sales, service, IT and analytics – a single, shared view of every user, allowing them to deliver personalised experiences from anywhere that customers expect in the digital age.

Salesforce helps small and medium businesses across the globe and Asia to find more quality leadswith personalized content, win more deals faster, and keep more customers with outstanding personalized service in this digital-first world.