Savaari Car Rentals, a company based in Bangalore which offers chauffeur-driven car rental services online, has raised series A funding of Rs 5 crore (SGD 1.2 million) from Inventus Capital Partners.

The capital raised will be used to scale up its marketing team and grow its business across cities by establishing a robust sales network. Additionally, Savaari will invest in technology solutions for enhancing customer experience. Till now, the company has invested to put in place an integrated backend engine for booking management and automated billing. With a network of over 100 operators across 60 cities in India, the fund injection is set to bring Savaari to a next level.

Gaurav Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Savaari, said, “We believe that Inventus’ support and direction will help us innovate and establish ourselves as the leader in the online car rental space within the country. The funding will be utilised to expand our reach and build a valued, scalable and innovative business.”