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The real reason why you should launch your startup faster (which is not talked about)

By Alexander D Jarvis | Oct 08, 2019

The traditional view of launching is good but it's not the whole story Read More

Is your entrepreneurial journey just another rat race? Here are 20 things that say it might just be so

By Wei Leen Ng

A rat race player has no time to wonder about creative solutions to different problems Read More

5 cost-effective growth hacks that will supercharge your startup growth

By Ayodeji Onibalusi

These five growth hacks will help startups of all sizes attain faster growth without breaking the bank Read More

Today's top tech news, Sept 13: Circles.Life expands to Australia

By Anisa Menur A. Maulani

In addition to Circles.Life, we also have updates from Nodeflux, Pixerf, and Dolfin Read More

Golden Gate Ventures, INSEAD on the state of Southeast Asia’s future exits: M&A, trade sales, secondary sales to lead

By Prisca Akhaya T.

Golden Gate Ventures partnered up with INSEAD to conduct a survey and try to predict about the region's future potential exits, and why it’s such a great time to be on in Southeast Asia Read More

5 ways to monetise social media technology for startup success

By Aamina Suleman

Startups launching into the digital landscape need to use social media to promote and grow their businesses passionately Read More

The way startups are finding out if there is a pain point to solve

By Thoo Chee Leong

Only when the customers are willing to pay for the solution can the idea be said to be validated Read More

What WeWork has taught me about people

By Eunice Ooi

Key things learnt in WeWork that makes it work Read More

5 benefits of marketing automation for a CMO

By Deepak Kanakaraju

Marketing activities require a huge investment and take a long time to show results if they are not automated. Read More

Building trust in Machine Learning and AI in digital lending

By Sonal Jain

How to integrate cutting edge technologies into a trusted digital lending space Read More