Malaysia's Kenanga Investors launches fund for investing in unicorns

By Prisca Akhaya T.

The Malaysia-based investor firm said the fund seeks to provide medium-term returns and provide investors access to private unicorns  Read More

Online food company Grain secures US$10M Series B funding

By Prisca Akhaya T.

The funding comes from Singha Ventures, Genesis Alternative Ventures, and Ozi Amanat’s K2 VC Read More

Nikkei buys majority stake in DealStreetAsia

By Prisca Akhaya T.

Nikkei Inc came through and bought a majority stake in the media company based in Singapore Read More

Scooter-sharing startup from former Uber exec raises US$6.4 million

By Sainul Abudheen K

The startup will roll out its service soon and then will expand to Malaysia, Australia and South Korea Read More

Public chains are essential in ensuring viability of the blockchain ecosystem

By Kay Banzon

Blockchain interoperability is vital as frameworks for integration and interaction between blockchain systems is very necessary Read More

3 ways Southeast Asian nations can mitigate the risk of losing skilled work to automation

By James Nguyen

The skills needed for economic success have always evolved, and will continue to do so Read More

Greener businesses are growing from the ground up

By | Aug 08, 2018

Startups that offer green, fair, and equitable products and services in a space where they’re not readily available can, with the right exposure and marketing, expect to snag significant market share Read More

Telling your customer "no" can be the best way to grow your business

By | Apr 13, 2018

Consumers have become jaded and expect salespeople to make promises that stretch beyond imagination. So when an employee explains to a prospective customer that the business is not the right fit, brand credibility goes through the roof Read More

Why M&A due diligence is so important: A cautionary tale

By | Mar 08, 2018

Mergers and acquisitions can be paramount to a company’s long-term growth strategy, but when M&As go wrong, it can lead to disaster. Here's why M&A due diligence is so important Read More