In his debut fund after leaving Sequoia Capital, Yinglan Tan has raised US$25 million for his new VC firm named Insignia Ventures Partners.

The official name of the fund is Insignia Ventures Partners Fund I

According to filings at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm will be incorporated in the Cayman Islands with its primary place of business being Singapore.

e27 reported in August on the formation and fundraising efforts of Insignia Ventures Partners, but today’s news provides further information about fund size.

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The VC firm will invest in technology startups in Southeast Asia.

Tan joined Sequoia Capital in 2012 after his time as Head of Projects at Singapore’s National Research Foundation. His job at Sequoia was notable because he was the first Southeast Asia-focussed VC hired by the firm.

Sequoia is a global firm but its Asia fund is based in India. The company invests in everything from early-stage startups to mid-stage like Series B. The company has made 1,442 investments in 776 companies.

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When his departure from Sequoia was confirmed, Tan told e27, “I have got some time to shape my thinking. I am starting to crystallise my thoughts for Southeast Asia.”