Tie up

Singapore-based behavioral targeting company aSpecial Media, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with India-based Gradatim, an international provider of technology services to micro banking institutions and insurers.

With the MOU both the companies will join hands to consolidate and expand their extensive databases of Internet and Mobile users for use by institutions, media houses, and brand managers in India and Southeast Asia.

“This tie-up will be a significant development for anyone interested in sophisticated real-time analytics of user behaviour in the region, whether they are sales-driven, content creators and owners like media companies, or brand-builders. It will allow even more precise targeting to deliver high-value relevant information to the right audiences,” said Christopher Yeo, co-founder and CEO, aSpecial Media.

The companies are eyeing Singapore as a good hub to reach and service their partners. Insights developed by combined use of databases will be available to clients who want to reach those people.

The aSpecial Media Publisher Network was established in 2011 and received funding from the National Research Foundation of Singapore.

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Gradatim will focus on micro-banking and the Mass retail insurance sector in ASEAN countries as these markets are experiencing a huge growth in middle income earners and high usage of Mobile Internet content and various business transactions to meet their needs.

“The use of scoring solutions and analytics has changed the way banks and insurers target low and middle income consumers. Through this tie-up with aSpecial Media, our customers can now combine scoring solutions and behavioral analytics and develop new channels and evolve new means of customer engagement,” shared C.V. Prakash, CEO & Founder, Gradatim.

Gradatim was established by CV Prakash in 2009. It has operations in India, Australia and Singapore and has raised US$3 million in its Series A funding round. Gradatim’s clients are major banks and insurers across India and Australia.