Seedstars World (SSW), a startup competition launched by global venture builder Seedstars SA in 2013, will come to a conclusion this February with a finale at Geneva, Switzerland. One of Singapore’s startups, Novatap has made it to the final event. The company behind dockPHP, a website builder that enables developers and startups to visually build their websites, Novatap has earned its ticket to Geneva by winning the Seedstars World Singapore regional pitching event.

Last year, the Seedstars World team travelled to 20 cities in different countries, holding regional events and selecting 20 winners out of nearly 1000 total applicants. The competition focuses on fast-growing markets and emerging startup scenes, guided by the belief that there is a tremendous amount of untapped global opportunities, as well as passionate entrepreneurs to take advantage of them.

“Silicon Valley is not the only place in the world where talented entrepreneurs hide,” said Alisee de Tonnac, Co-founder, Seedstars World. “All entrepreneurs, no matter where they come from, deserve a chance to thrive. Many of the projects we’ve seen are fantastic; they have a viable business model that not only works in their local market but also may serve as a global product. Those, we believe, are the leading companies of tomorrow.”

“Seedstars has been an awesome experience for us. It brought us a great opportunity to get noticed and at the right time too,” said Kshitiz Shankar, Founder and CEO, Novatap. “After winning the SeedStars Singapore (competition), we also won the Singapore-Cambridge Programme where Novatap was incubated at RedGate Software – one of the largest software firms in UK, Cambridge – for a period of six weeks.”

Added Shankar, “We are really excited about the finals in Geneva and hopefully will be able to cross the finish line. Not only does this boost our marketing, it also helps us to push forward with even more spirit. Just looking at the companies that have been selected from various countries, it gives us great pleasure in being the one to represent Singapore at a global scale.”

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The grand finale
For the finale, 20 finalists from the 20 cities where regional events were held will be invited to spend a week in Switzerland, from February 1 to February 7. The first three days will be dedicated to a bootcamp, where the startups will work on their pitch and presentation skills with the help of companies such as Evernote or U-start, along with accelerators such as Startup Boot Camp and Rockstart.

The semi-final will be held on February 3, where five finalists will be selected by a panel of high quality jury members. Subsequently, the final event will be held the next day at the CICG in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted by LIFT conference.

The winner will receive an equity investment of up to US$500K and be crowned ‘Best Startup In The World’ by an international jury panel comprising successful entrepreneurs and investors such as Alex Farcet, Stefan Glaenzer and Martin Velasco.

All 20 Seedstars World startups will host a booth and get a chance to discuss and interact with the public; however, only the five finalists will pitch on stage and only the title-holder will get a chance to pitch at the LIFT Venture Night.

Seedstars finalists
The winners of the various Seedstar World regional events are listed below, arranged according to the event date:

Winner Moscow - WayRay


Wayray is a new multifunctional navigation system projecting Augmented Reality content right in front of the driver

Winner Dubai - TourBud


Tourbud is a web service for travellers, which allows one to find a person who can answer their questions and even become their personal tour guide

Winner Baku - NeWo


Newo users will be able to discover their surrounding simply by scanning items, buildings, words, locations and whatever they want with the camera and sensors of their smartphones

Winner Accra - RetailTower


Retail Tower specialises in creating e-commerce marketing software that helps small and medium size online merchants promote their products and drive traffic through online shopping destination sites

Winner Kigali - FOYO


FOYO is an application that sends daily SMS to subscribers of the composition of a balanced diet

Winner Lagos - SimplePay


SimplePay is Nigeria’s answer to secure online payment services 

Winner Nairobi - Jooist


Jooist is a social gaming network for mobile phones that enables users to discover games, play with friends, compare scores and share achievements

Winner Cape town - Gust Pay


Gust Pay is an easy mobile payment experience that work in shops and music events using smartphones and NFC wristbands

Winner Bangalore - HackerEarth


Hacker Earth provides a recruiting solution that combines an applicant tracking system with a skill assessment engine to help companies prevent wrong hires and reduce time wasted in interviews

Winner Bangkok - Splashpost


Splashpost helps monetise a Facebook page by enabling one to post rich multimedia status updates right onto their fan’s news feed

Winner Singapore - NovaTap


NovaTap (dockphp) is a browser based tool to code websites visually

Winner Hong Kong - Vimantra

Hong Kong

Vimantra is a cloud video platform that brings interactive, connected and real-time experiences for video broadcasting on all internet connected devices

Winner Beijing - JXJ tech


JXJ Technologies provides health service through sensor network and back stage platform. Its terminal is a watch-like mobile phone with sensor embedded to monitor health condition based on China’s traditional pulse theory

Winner Seoul - Flitto


Flitto is an innovative crowdsourcing translation platform that gives users access to all kinds of contents in their native language

Winner Tokyo - Locarise


Locarise is an analytics service for bricks and mortar shops that collects anonymous Wi-Fi signals emitted by smartphones and aggregate them to deliver foot traffic metrics

Winner Sydney - Jayride


Jayride is the online marketplace for land passenger transport that aggregates and books transport with private suppliers. The only bookable transport data set available

Winner Mexico - PingStamp

Mexico City

PingStamp provides a complete loyalty platform that helps small and medium merchants to understand and reward customers who love their business

Winner Santiago - Totus Power


Totus Power provides, to schools lacking power in emerging markets, a battery power pack that is 10X cheaper and 6X more powerful

Winner Buenos Aires - Wideo

Buenos Aires

Wideo is a ‘Do It Yourself’ online tool to create animated videos and share feelings, ideas, products or knowledge with the world

Winner Rio

Rio de Janeiro

Kudo is a mobile language-learning application for children