Just over a week ago, we covered Flocations, one of the startups from the JFDI bootcamp. This week, another startup caught our attention, ShopSpot. ShopSpot is the runner up at Startup Weekend Bangkok 2011 which earned them a spot at the bootcamp.. Essentially, ShopSpot is a mobile app which allows you to sell your unwanted stuff through their platform, and aims to make “selling as easy as a tweet”. Here’s the video on how it works:

We caught up with the cofounder of ShopSpot, Natsakon Kiatsuranon to find out what they have been up to recently:

Could you share with our readers what have Shopspot been doing over the last 2 months with JFDI?
We’ve been doing Customer & Product development 12 hours a day 6 days a week. Through JFDI, we’ve met many great mentors, and we’re very close to our main mentors Boris Nordenstrom and Thomas Clayton. We have also tested ShopSpot with real users in JFDI, HackerspaceSG, Golden Mile Complex, and at the Flea Market in Bangkok and Singapore. Now we’re ready to ship it.

What is your revenue model?
Everything is going to be available for free for our users. For our revenue model, we’re still exploring all possible options. For now, making revenue is not our priority, and we are committed to make sure that we provide a great user experience.

Photo: ShopSpot at JFDI

Are all the transactions done in-app? Can you run us through how a typical transaction work?
We’re like a mobile app of Craigslist with a slick UX/UI. To answer your question, all the transaction is done outside of the app, in a meetup location mutually agreed by buyer and seller. That said, we do have an interesting idea that will make it very fun and engaging for our buyers and sellers in the pipeline. Unfortunately, we cant disclose much now but definitely look forward to it.

How are you planning to get the initial critical mass of users?
By making it really easy to sell, we remove the barrier for people who wants to sell all the items they no longer want onto traditional online marketplace, which has a tedious and long process. This is where we fill the gap; before our app, one might be too lazy to post and sell the unwanted items because of the tedious process but now, we make selling 2 – 3 items in just under a minute possible.

Other than that, we help users reach out to friends on their social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as people in nearby location. Through this, the exposure that we can help provide each listed item can potentially reach out to 10,000 potential buyers in just a minute!

Photo: ShopSpot Team

Thoughts about Team SnapSell, the winner of the recent startup weekend singapore with the exact same idea?
Actually, I’ve seen many idea and product like this before. There are in the likes of EggDrop, Peddl, Mint Market, Rumgr, and Yard Sale which are all available in in the US App Store. We have a product road map that’ll differentiate ShopSpot from the others, but unfortunately I cannot disclose it at the moment.

SnapSell seems a good team, they’re like a reflection of us four months ago when we pitched at AIS Startup Weekend Bangkok. In JFDI, we’ve learned that idea is one thing, but the real thing is an execution.

However, I wish team SnapSell a best luck and looking forward to seeing them in Plug-in Blk 71 in the near future.

When are you launching and is it going to be on iOS only?
We will be launching in Singapore on 18-25 Apr, subject to the approval from Apple. While it is in iOS only for now, non iPhone users can also see the posted items on the ShopSpot website or through the Facebook and Twitter postings of your friends, very much like Instagram. (ShopSpot has since launched their app on April 18).

If you have always been looking for an app to buy and sell your unwanted stuffs, do check out http://shopspotapp.com/.