Mobile is the new frontier – there is no doubt of its ever-rising relevance, and with over six billion mobile devices globally and growing, mobility is the crux of the new ecosystem that binds us all. This book will rewire your perspective and refresh your skill sets, optimising you for the transition into mobile. Offering up practical suggestions, tips and techniques, Mobile Ready is your essential guide to preparing yourself for the world’s obsession with mobility.

Written by entrepreneur and mentor Scott Bales, founder of Next Bank, and a mentor throughout the world with Lean Startup Machine, Invitre, Our Better World and The Hub Singapore, he is a globally recognised speaker on Digital Consumers, Mobility and Innovation. Armed with the dedication to aid the community in rethinking engagement with customers, suppliers and the workforce, Scott will guide you through the tough new space that is mobile, working around your brand, channel and engagement.


Pre-order a copy of the book, be it physical or digital, and join us at this invite-only soft launch event to celebrate and thank everyone for their support. Get an opportunity to meet Scott in the flesh and throw some tough questions his way. Who knows, he might be dressed as an iPhone that evening.

Head down to to pre-order the book now, and get in on the exclusive Mobile Ready experience.

Event details:

  • Start: Wednesday, 22 January, 2014 07:00 p.m.
  • End: Wednesday, 22 January, 2014 09:00 p.m.
  • Venue : HUB Singapore, 113 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238165
  • Register here
  • Organizer : Scott Bales