Shopmatic, a Singaporean startup that helps retailers set up an online presence, announced today it has acquired 5xRuby, a Taiwanese business that lectures, educates, and gets the word out about how the coding language Ruby on Rails can impact companies.

For Shopmatic, the goal of the acquisition is to “provide a streamlined experience backed by the latest technology stack and a talented platform development team.”

Shopmatic is a company that works with non-techies to take offline businesses online.

Besides building websites, Shopmatic also helps integrate payment gateways, establish partnerships with logistics companies, and facilitate listings in marketplaces and social media. Finally, the service includes a backend analytics platform.

It is quite affordable as well: A year of service costs US$240.

“This acquisition will not only enable us to strengthen our stance as the leading platform that enables businesses to go online, but also to scale and enter new markets at a faster pace,” said Anurag Avula, the CEO of Shopmatic Group in a statement.

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5xRuby caters to high-tech clients in Japan and Hong Kong and helps those companies build web and mobile apps.

The firm was founded by Eddie Kao, Mu-Fan Teng, and Alice Chao, after they discovered the reason companies were not on-boarding Ruby on Rails was because of a shortage of engineers that know the language. So, the threesome sought to fix the problem through self-learning, sharing, and exchanges organised by the company.

“We are excited to team up with Shopmatic to strengthen its online platform with our elegant, fun and productive language so that their merchants can focus on growing their business,” said Kao in a statement.

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Founded in December 2014, Shopmatic is headquartered in Singapore and has other offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore.


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