If you are a marketer in Asia Pacific, you might not want to look at engaging Singaporeans. An Outbrain survey which pulled data from its global network of 100,000 sites, has just listed the city-state as the least engaged crowd when it comes to paid content. Australians, on the other hand, are considered the most receptive.

The data considered paid content bounce rates which listed Australia (-3 per cent), the Philippines, (-0.5 per cent) and India (-0.4 per cent) higher than the US average, while Indonesia (+2 per cent), Malaysia (+2 per cent) and Singapore (+4 per cent) have higher bounce rates.

Giving content the time of day
In addition to bounce rates, the survey data also revealed that Asia Pacific consumers are night owls who prefer to consume content on mobile phones and tablet devices.


In the Philippines and Indonesia, hourly content consumption peaks at 9 PM, while its Singaporean and Malaysian counterparts see a peak at 10 PM. In contrast, content consumption in the UK peaks at noon.

No ‘One screen fits all’
Screen size also happens to be a significant factor in determining levels of engagement with paid content. In every Asia Pacific market measured, bounce rates for content consumed on mobile phones and tablets are consistently higher than bounce rates for content consumed on desktop PCs.

In addition, Australians also show the largest variance in preference for consuming content on desktops versus handheld devices. The release noted, “Consumers in Australia are 36 per cent more likely to bounce when consuming content on a mobile phone compared to on a desktop, and 20 per cent more likely to bounce on a tablet.”

This proves that while browsing could take place on handheld devices with smaller screens, engagement typically happens on larger screens.

Content consumers like
“Everyone wants to get on board the content marketing train today but not many recognise that consumers now have full control of the content they receive and consume,” said Anthony Hearne, Regional Director, Outbrain Southeast Asia and India. “The industry needs to get smarter in how it delivers content, and the trends we are announcing today are key to helping achieve that.”

Hearne also added that there is room for growth in terms of Asia’s digital ad spend and user engagement levels. However, publishers and brands would have to first understand consumer behaviour.

“There are a few key takeaways we can derive from the findings. Firstly, both publishers and brands need to optimise content for mobile, and take advantage of mobile-targeting options. Secondly, the industry needs to embrace data to make better informed decisions on what to build as well as when and where to push content,” he said.

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To do so, marketers can take advantage of what Outbrain’s data has listed as content Asia Pacific consumers favour. While Indonesians, Singaporeans and Filipinos enjoy content related to celebrities, Australians, however, prefer crime news; Indians prefer investing; and Malaysians go for soccer-related content.

Across the region, content which fall in the tech and internet, health and electronics categories has the highest bounce rates. News, sports, and business and finance, on the other hand, see the highest levels of engagement.

For the record, Outbrain currently serves more than 14 billion page views globally, of which 500 million page views come from Asia. It also has an estimated reach of 378 million unique visitors per month.

Featured Image Credit: leungchopan / Shutterstock