“Metrics, metrics, metrics,” said Anson Zeall, whose Singapore-based Bitcoin startup CoinPip has been enrolled in 500 Startups’ Batch 11 accelerator programme.

His last nine days with the programme, which started on October 13, 2014, have been quite meaningful. He told this author, “This week is all about metrics, UX and product. Next week is about sales and marketing. It’s been very intense.”

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For background, CoinPip is a Bitcoin payment gateway for online and traditional businesses. It allows users to “accept Bitcoins from any mobile device” with QR code and SMS, and store payments in Bitcoin or local currency.

Zeall is currently based in California, US, while the two other CoinPip Co-founders have decided to remain in Singapore. “Silicon Valley is not a cheap place to operate. Rents are super expensive,” he said.


According to Zeall, there are about 27 other companies participating in the accelerator programme alongside CoinPip.

During the programme, Zeall will be speaking to two mentors on a weekly basis. One of them is Sean Percival, Venture Partner, 500 Startups, who has a self-proclaimed focus on the Bitcoin scene. The other is an unspecified mentor who will help the entrepreneur with distribution matters.

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“The challenge for CoinPip right now is we have a lot of products to offer,” he said. “Now we just need the right guidance, and to find the right focus and hone in on a particular direction.”

“500 can help us with this. Their strength is in marketing and distribution,” added Zeall.