Singapore based iOS developers Mugunth Kumar and Subhransu Behera partners to launch first ever iOS training school.

iPhone has the highest smartphone penetration in Singapore. With a growing demand for more iOS developers in Singapore, Mugunth Kumar, the author of one of the best selling iOS programming book in the world, along with the Subhransu Behera has set up a iOS training school in Singapore: The training program is targeted at developers and agency employees to help kickstart with iOS programming.

The training courses come in three tiers: first is a beginner’s course for managers and iOS amateurs who would like to learn about the basics. The second tier is a intermediate course for serious developers looking for a career change and the third tier is an advanced course for developers working at startups wishing to build the next great app. The trainings will be conducted at Samsung Hub which is located at Church Street, by the well respected iOS developer, Mugunth.

Mugunth has also been training students worldwide over Skype and conducting classroom courses in New York. Other than the author of one of the best selling iOS programming book to date, he has also helped developed iOS apps for two man startups like Found and Squiryl to fortune 500 companies like Oracle and Microsoft. Subh has been doing iOS application development since late 2008.

The first class for the iOS training school is confirmed on the 12th August for the intermediate developers, so if you are interested to find out more on how to join the class as well as the course fees, do visit