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Singapore-based co-working space operator Collective Works has inked a deal with Asian property giant CapitaLand to launch a high end co-working space inside the Capital Tower in the CBD district.

The name of this new space is simply called ‘Collective Works at Capital Tower’.

With over 22,000 sq ft space, it will house a maximum of 250 businesses. According to an official press release, it is geared towards high performance businesses comprising of startups and MNCs.

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“Our new space, centrally located in Singapore’s world renowned business district, creates a unique ecosystem for our clients within the prestigious Capital Tower where they can flourish alongside other entrepreneurs as well as global MNCs,” said Jonathan O’Byrne founder of Collective Works.

The new outlet will feature ambience, lighting and acoustic sound profiling designed to enhance productivity and concentration. These include – daylight spectrum lighting, and a 12 metres living wall that purportedly enhances air quality and office acoustics.

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The layout is a mix of private and open spaces designed to not only “encourage collaboration but also provide for acoustic privacy.” These include an integrated media studio with recording facilities.

Clients can also purchase a monthly membership based on hours of usage, a dedicated desk or customise their own private studio space within Collective Works.

Its technological facilities include – secure on-site server hosting; video conferencing; ip telephony; and redundant fibre-optic broadband.

This will be Collective Works’ second co-working space in Singapore. Its first outlet, launched in 2012, is located at Cecil Street. It is aiming to open a third outlet in Singapore by the end of 2016.

The tenants will began moving in from May 2016, and the space will be officially launched in June.

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