Hi! Meet the e27 SG team, who are happy about the site redesign. While not pictured, the overseas e27 team is also happy; yes, like our platform, we too, are regional.

Welcome to our vision.

What gets us up to work each morning is our dream to build a tech ecosystem for Asia, which means gathering connections and opportunities for tech startups to succeed. We looked at how we’re doing things: we’ve got a great editorial team covering the news that matters, and a fantastic series of events (Echelon, Founders Drinks and Venturecon) that you’ve supported for a long time!

But we know that this ecosystem is bigger than us, especially when it involves a catered ecosystem for you. So we decided to build a platform that startups, investors, and a community of tech lovers can use to build more connections, more opportunities and a more amazing ecosystem for Asia.

So what’s changed?

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.46.28 PM copy

The new redesign – covering all aspects of tech just like a rainbow.

On the surface, nothing much. You can still expect the same high-quality journalism from our editorial team. We love covering news on technology and startups, and you can find all our latest stories at the top of e27.co. But if you look closely, we have added five features in the section above the fold. Read on and we will share how we think these e27 features can impact your business.

By the way, be sure to create your user profile at e27.co/signup as you can only create your own listings if you are a registered user on e27.

Editorial and the ecosystem


The news landing page: Easy on the eyes.

Because we believe that too much information can be a bad thing – we’ve created a proper filtering system, allowing you to read the news that you want to. If you need to browse a certain type of article, we now have a ‘Channels’ section covering startups, funding, investors, apps, crowdfunding and resources.

Want to read up more on a specific country? We now have a ‘Country’ filter, allowing you to choose which country’s ecosystem you’d like to read up on. You can see these changes now at e27.co/news.

Marketplace matters


Is that Hootsuite AND Piktochart on the Marketplace? Why, yes it is.

Missed our announcement of the Marketplace launch?

The good news is that we’ve gotten more suppliers on our list, having over 100 products and services we can offer you. We’ve also partnered with known names in the startup and tech industry, such as Braintree Paypal, IBM SoftLayer, SurveyMonkey and PayrollHero to ensure that your businesses get the latest tech the ecosystem has to offer.

Curious as to what great deals you can get, or how you can list your own deal? Access our latest platform addition by going to e27.co/marketplace.

Joining us with Jobs


Where great startups need great talent immediately.

In any business, recruiting top talent and finding great jobs are important. Because we have a regional reach, we want to provide you the best employees and the best companies.

With our jobs board, you can now easily post jobs and apply for them online.

Resource articles such as management training and leadership tips can also easily be viewed from the homepage.

We can all benefit from sharing these opportunities with each other, so come, join us at e27.co/jobs.

Event engagements


Networking events: Meeting new folks in unexpected places without any stigma.

We love our network, and we’re sure you love yours too. Aside from the events that you know us for, we also want to promote your events on our platform, whether it’s a simple meetup, 24-hour hackathon or a big tech conference. We have made it super easy for you to list your events, and register for one that suits your interest.

So get your networking game on and look for events in your area at e27.co/events.

Searching and showcasing startups


Allowing investors to check up on their investees and getting proper media coverage too.

If you’re trying to find the latest startups or tech companies in the ecosystem, or you want to enter your startup in the regional ecosystem, our startup directory may be the perfect place for you.

We have over 5000 startups to date from all across the region and our portal only keeps on growing. Additionally, we’ve also managed to link all the latest news coverage we’ve done per startup, making it easy to notice a startup’s traction.

Haven’t listed your startup yet or not sure if you have? Do a quick search at e27.co/startups to find out.

Intelligence on Investors


That weird moment when 500 Startups is one of the 500 Investors on e27.

Of course, the startup ecosystem is not complete without its investors. Similar to our startup directory, we do our best in covering the investors that fund talented entrepreneurs.

With 500 investor profiles and counting, our directory covers every type of investor from angel to established VC. We also encourage investors to communicate their interest in certain industries and to share their investment portfolio.

Recently become an investor or joined a VC? Check out this directory if your investor profile is registered and updated at e27.co/investor.

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Let’s scale together

Overall, we  hope that with these improvements, you’ll have more opportunities to connect with the relationships that impact your business, and that you will also constantly scale new heights with our content and resources. Do sign up for your very own e27 account now at e27.co/signup and plug yourself into Asia’s tech ecosystem.