Japan-based holding company Nanameue today announced securing JPY 30 million (US$291,149) from East Ventures and Skyland Ventures to grow its smartphone movie maker app SlideStory, and expand into Asian markets.

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Nanameue, Takahiro Ishihama, tells e27 that SlideStory has garnered more than 400,000 users in two months. While the product can be promoted worldwide, he notes that the company will focus on Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore.

Ishihama adds that he had chosen Skyland Ventures and East Ventures due to two main reasons: humanity and strategy. He explains, “Mr Kinoshita, who is partner of Skyland Ventures, is (a) really good guy for me. Second is strategy. You know East Ventures has strong connection in Asian countries, so we could get big synergy to expand.”

At the moment, the Nanameue team is still relatively small, with a headcount of three, including Ishihama. He notes that there will be efforts to recruit more individuals.

Existing users can also look forward to see improved existing functions like music, filters, decorations and sharing features.

He says, “Now, many people think making (a) movie is so difficult. Our mission is to change such minds through our app, and make the situation which any people can make beautiful and emotional movies by SlideStory.”

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