Mobile real-time bidding (RTB) exchange company Smaato had a foot dipped in the Asian market for five years, but had yet to make any significant partnerships in the Southeast Asian sector. Well, that changes now as San Francisco-based company is joining Indonesian telecommunications giant Indosat.

So what’s the major reason that one of the country’s biggest telcos is teaming up with Smaato? That’s because when combined together, they can bring targeted and relevant advertising to specific Indonesian demographics, all controlled by their potential clients, using Smaato’s database and system. Indosat CEO Alexander Rusli said that his company will jointly promote and sell its mobile advertising inventories to the country’s notable partners.

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Smaato’s CEO Ragnar Kruse said to e27 that Indonesia is a prime target for global brands and advertisers due to its large population, high mobile phone and internet penetration and a robust middle class with money to spend. Compared to China and India, it’s the third Asian country with the highest mobile phone and user count.

Last May, Smaato said that there will be an increase in mobile gaming ads in the future as high RTBs are caused by ‘self-service controls and data’. This is also due to more mobile game publishers like EA Mobile using the service more to reach out to its target market automatically.

Stay tuned to e27 for more insights from Smaato’s CEO this week. In the meantime, budding entrepreneurs can check out the company’s booth at this year’s ad:tech asean digital marketing event from July 8 to 9 at booth SP 6.