[UPDATE] Congratulations Neeuro! One week after launching its Indiegogo campaign, the Singapore-based brain training startup has reached it’s goal of US$50,000 raised. Kelly Choo tells e27 the money will go towards jump-starting production. When we asked him about the Indiegogo campaign, Choo said,

“Admittedly we were nervous. This is not our first startup, but this is our first crowdfunding campaign. So when we got traction within a few hours of the campaign, we were pleasantly surprised.

But we also know that we still have a long way to go and we do need much more support. Of course we recognise our amazing team and partners.

Preparing for a campaign entails a long process of research, development, marketing, building up a community of followers through our website and social media presence so we can be influencers in the mind wellness sector.

The previously planned launch in 2015 was moved so we can improve more on our prototype and games, and to create more buzz in the tech and games community.”

After a two year journey through inspiration and development, and teaming up with former Brandtology colleagues Kelly Choo and Dr. Alvin Chan, Neeuro Founder and CEO Eddie Chau has gone live with his Singaporean brain training startup today.

Last night, at 9PM SST, the company started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money, sell some products, and promote the ‘fitbit for your mind’ technology.

And, at this pace, it is going gangbusters.

It has raised over US$22,000 as of publishing, which represents 44 per cent of its overall funding goal of US$50,000.

“Neeuro is the ultimate brain training/mind stimulation solution that started from a personal resolve more than two years ago to seek ways to achieve a healthier mind, for myself and my loved ones,” said Chau in his email to friends and supporters.

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Neeuro is a brain training company whose flagship product is a high-tech wearable worn like a band, called the Neeuro SenzeBand. It uses a testing procedure called electroencephalogram (EEG) to detect brainwaves from the person wearing the apparatus.

The SenzeBand device is then accompanied by an application platform called Neeuro Memorie which is uploaded with 15 games designed to improve memory, attention span, spatial-skills and various other cognitive functions. Below is a video example of one of the games.

The band has six sensors, four front EEG sensors and two reference sensors are used to read and map cognitive activity based upon an in-house algorithm. According to the company, the technology uses extremely sensitive elastomers that can capture extremely low-frequency waves.

“Just like Fitbit or Jawbone is for physical activity tracking, we would like to achieve the same success for cognitive functions,” Choo, Neeuro Chief Marketing Officer told e27 in a company profile from December 2015.

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Chau, Chan and Choo were the team behind Brandtology, a Singaporean brand monitoring company that was acquired by iSentia in 2011. It’s pretty neat to see a core team of a successful startup stick together on an entirely new venture.