Founded by Singapore-based Goh Boon Jin, Smoothboard Air allows multiple devices to be connected through its HTML5 powered software, allowing for seamless collaboration. Smoothboard Air is actually Goh’s second product. His first product is the Smoothboard software, which  turns flat screen displays into interactive whiteboards, and has more than 15,000 licensed users.

What is Smoothboard Air?

With Smoothboard Air, users can just scan the QR Code on the screen, and the mobile device instantly transforms into an interactive whiteboard surface without any app installation. This is made possible with HTML5, which works on any mobile web browser. Smoothboard Air is targeted at educators, and as it does not require app installation, it is easy to set up the collaborative platform in classrooms. While the product is targeted at classrooms, it works well for the boardroom or any meeting room, too.

smoothboard airSmoothboard Air use cases

Goh shared with us that Smoothboard Air is flexible when it comes to usage. For instance, teachers may assign specific students to solve a problem together, such as finding errors in a short essay and brainstorming answers together.

A student may write the answer on a tablet, while a teacher may use another tablet to assist or correct the student. It may work in a meeting room too. For example, the presenter is giving a presentation and the participants in the meeting may provide input directly on the screen from their mobile devices. This can be done without any app installation beforehand and thus may be useful even when working with new users such as clients.

A huge challenge to introduce new technologies in the education industry

Of course, the education industry is a traditional industry, and it is not very easy to introduce new innovations and disruptions. When asked about challenges that Smoothboard Air faces, Goh agrees that it could be hard to implement new technologies in the industry.

It is indeed difficult to introduce new technologies but this really depends on the targeted market and region. From my experience with my previous software, Smoothboard, teachers in the countries such as the ones where my users come from (United States, Canada, Australia, France and Germany) are usually more receptive of new technologies. They are actively looking ways to improve the teaching pedagogy by experimenting new software and hardware to be used in the classroom.

Smoothboard is founded and built solely by Goh, who bootstrapped the company to its current revenue-generating status. Check out the video below.