The social gaming phenomenon has been nothing short of astounding. Often referred to as gaming 2.0, social gaming has been likened to Web 2.0 in how it made games socially interactive, with players playing against each other, and the ability to contribute with tonnes of user generated content for games. Furthermore, with billions of page views being generated by social gaming sites on Facebook, it is no wonder that companies and VCs have been hitting on this industry for quite a while now.

Singapore has emerged as a strong player in the social gaming space. Tyler Projects, a highly successful Singapore based social games development studio, is one company I am sure many of you have heard of many times over. This company, which was first featured at the e27 unConference back in Feb 2007 is behind the insanely popular Facebook MMOG, BattleStations, which was recently among the Top 5 Nominees For Best Facebook Game and Facebook App in Mashable Open Web Awards. They were recently featured on Inside Facebook, a highly popular blog that tracks Facebook and its platform, with having USD$40,000 in monthly revenue and 70,000 monthly users. I did a check on, a site that provides metrics on Facebook applications, and based on the latest figures, Battle Stations has been clocking a total of 82,000 users on 31st of Jan (see graph below).tyler-growth-jan

(Source: Image was taken from

That’s a growth of approximately 26% just for the month of January alone. Apart from being hot in the Facebook world, they have been getting pretty good coverage from popular Facebook related sites such as Inside Social Games

While many CEOs are still skeptical on the usage of social media and their effectiveness in communication, we are pretty optimistic that social networking and social media are here to stay for the long term, with social gaming being one of the biggest attraction factor to social networking. And with local breed companies playing such a strong part in this industry, Singapore does stand a good fighting chance in building great companies that are able to compete globally and at the very top.