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Band, a social networking mobile app that offers private chatting services to users, has crossed the 50 million download mark, according to Camp Mobile, an affiliate of Naver, which owns Band.

Band, launched in August 2012, attributes this achievement to a significant growth in the number of users in Taiwan and India.

The topic-based social networking app supports boards, polls, albums, schedules and address books. While you can search for public groups to join, certain groups are private and require an invitation. Each Band group can have up to 1,000 members.

Interestingly, the app gained initial traction in the gaming community, where online multiplayer games such as Clash of Clans and Order and Chaos required the user to actively interact with other members, or one on one.

In addition to Band, Camp Mobile is also running LINE DECO and Whoscall. While users can log in to Band using LINE, the app allows users to remain anonymous.

“We didn’t anticipate or target the gaming communities, but they discovered us even before we introduced the app in Taiwan or the US. They were looking for a way to communicate with each other as gamers want interactive communication,” Hanna Ryu, Head of PR of Camp Mobile, told e27.

“We have two patterns — gamers who play the games and recruit members or exchange opinions, and then celebrity gamers who use our app to communicate with their fans,” said Ryu.

In future, Band is looking to expand to other niche groups such as Indie music bands, quadrants in military services or regional communities. Band sees potential in Southeast Asia and hopes to expand its outreach in Taiwan. 

Band is currently available in 178 countries globally.

The top five countries are Korea, Taiwan, Japan, US and India — in that order.

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