Thomas Gorissen, Sebastiaan Deckers and Sayanee Basu will be organizing JSCamp.Asia, one of Southeast Asia’s biggest independent web and mobile developer conference focusing on popular programming language Javascript.

Slated to be happening on the 29th and 30th November at the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, the Javascript conference focuses on another popular programming language: JavaScript. Over the last three years, JavaScript has become the most versatile scripting language on the planet offering modern approaches for server and client side development of web applications. Almost all websites currently use Javascript.

The conference will also host 22 local and international speakers which includes a mix of renown experts and newcomers, whom will share their experience and ideas in a total of 16 talks and 6 hands-on workshops. Some of the confirmed speakers include Eric Bidelman, a Senior Developer Programs Engineer on the Google Chrome team, who is also the author of “Using the HTML5 Filesystem API“, Irene Ros, a Senior Developer and Data Visualization Specialist at Bocoup, Michal Budzynski, an open web alchemist working on Boot2Gecko project at Mozilla, well known for writing Nyan Cat in 688 lines of pure CSS, as well as Jacob Thornton, an engineer at Twitter who is also the co-author for the Twitter Bootstrap open source project.

To spice things up, there will also be a delegate meet-up the evening before the conference where invited local entrepreneurs and influencers as well as paying attendees from Southeast Asia’s tech industry can meet and mingle with the speakers and delegates.

The conference offers itself as a shout-out platform for developers who created small or big open source projects themselves, preferably JavaScript projects. Developers can apply for some minutes of stage time to introduce their project and find contributors and users alike to sit, learn and work in so called “Sprints” over the weekend after the conference. Teams of up to 20 people can then gather in Singapore’s new and creative co-working spaces like The Hub, Hackerspace and SmartSpace and make big process quickly. Applications can be submitted through the “Call-For-Speakers” page.

“The idea is to convert the energy that you won through inspiring talks immediately into productive learning at your own computer. It’s the best place to learn a new tool or library taught by the creator himself and supported by the exchange of experience of everybody else who is attending. With this setup, we want to be more engaging and practical than a normal conference and more inspiring than a hackathon,” said Thomas Gorissen.

Early bird tickets will be on sale only on the 6th of August from 3pm SGT at 50% off the regular ticket price. Sales on that day are available for 5 hours only with limited tickets.

Event Details:

Date: 29th – 30th November 2012

Venue: NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

Address: 9 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore 119241

Tickets: Available on 6th August, 3pm – 8pm.

More details: