(Credit: TechCrunch)

Find out how well Asian startup are engaging their users on their social media channels.

Starcount is a London and Singapore-based startup that is looking to aggregate data from all the major social networking sites in the world to identify the most popular profiles. The startup had their official launch in Singapore in May and are already planning an awards events some time next year to recognize the most popular icons on Starcount. The event looks to be the Oscars of social media.

The Starcount scores works on a maximum of a billion points and groups social media sites in three categories – social networks, microblogs and video sharing. Two measurements are used, Popularity and Engagement, in order to achieve the final score which is weighted to each network type and network itself, which reflects scale and reach and adjusts for the various behaviors and metrics. To have a better idea of how the final scores are tallied, view the chart below.

Working closely with the Starcount team, e27 tries to identify some of the most popular Asian startups that are active on social media sites. We thought it would be interesting to see which startups that we know off are engaging users through their social media channels on a regular basis. We currently have over 70 startups in the chart and are adding them as we find more.

Check out the chart below and also visit the sidebar widget in our blog to see daily movements of these startups’ social popularity. If you don’t find your startup in the chart, feel free to send us your startup details and social media site links and we’ll work with the Starcount team to update the information. The Starcount chart shows both the day’s ranking and the overall ranks.